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Where do I use HANFLO™ Poly Pipe fittings?

HANFLO™ fittings can be used anywhere Iron Pipe Size Poly Pipe is used in the USA and Canada. The HANFLO™ fittings are ideal for irrigation, sprinkler systems, pump and pressure systems, ground and well water applications particularly in rural areas as well as on farms for irrigation and livestock watering.

How should I connect my HANFLO™ Poly Pipe fittings?
Cut the Poly pipe square with pipe cutters, knife or saw to the required length. Push the pipe onto the barbed tail of the HANFLO™ fitting up to the housing of the white circlip. Wind the nut onto the pipe by hand until tight. Use pump pliers or a wrench until nut is fully engaged.
How do I know that the fitting is properly installed?

The nut of the fitting will come to a stop against the circlip when tightened. The nut will not turn any further and excess force will cause the pipe to twist.

Is it possible to over tighten a HANFLO™ Poly Pipe fitting?

No, the nut on the HANFLO™ Poly Pipe fitting will come to a stop against the circlip. The pipe will then start to twist if enough pressure is applied.

What type of pipe will HANFLO™ Poly Pipe fittings connect to?

In the USA the fittings are designed to fit the following Iron Pipe Size Poly Pipe:

  • SIDR 19/15 (80 to 100 PSI) Tan nut
  • SIDR 11.5/9 (125 to 160 PSI) Blue nut
  • SIDR 7 (200 PSI) Grey nut

In Canada the fittings are designed to fit the following Iron Pipe Size Poly Pipe:

  • CSA Series 100 pipe (100 PSI) Green nut
  • CSA Series 75 pipe (75 PSI) Black nut
  • Standard 75 pipe (75 PSI) Black nut
  • Standard 100 pipe (100 psi) Black nut
Can I disconnect or re-use HANFLO™ Poly Pipe fittings?

Yes you can re-use HANFLO™ Poly Pipe fittings. You may disconnect and re-use the fitting with the use of a wrench and some heating of the pipe. It is also important not to score the barbs of the fitting with a knife.
HANFLO™ also offers Unions for an easy, repeatable disconnect and re-connect of pipe systems. The Unions are very popular for winterising in lake applications.

Will the fittings fit on to the metal thread of my pump or other pipes and fittings?

Yes, HANFLO™ fittings are compatible with standard NPT threads (National Pipe Thread). All HANFLO™ fittings have tapered NPT threads.

Should thread sealant be used to connect my HANFLO™ Poly Pipe fittings?

Yes, Teflon tape or more common thread paste sealant (we recommend Loctite 5331) may be used. Be sure not to over apply Teflon tape.

What is the warranty period of the HANFLO™ Poly Pipe fittings?
12 months from the date of purchase.
Can you safely hang a pump from the HANFLO™ Poly Pipe fitting?

Yes you can hang a pump vertically from a HANFLO™ fitting connected to the relevant poly pipe. For maximum performance, it is not recommended a pump be hung in a horizontal position.

What size fittings are available in the HANFLO™ Poly Pipe fitting range?
Currently HANFLO™ Poly Pipe Fittings are available in ½”, ¾”, 1” and 1 ¼” in most configurations including many reducers. HANFLO™ plan to introduce the 1 ½” and 2” sizes at a latter stage.
What type of testing have the HANFLO™ Poly Pipe fittings been through?

HANFLO™ fittings have been tested and certified by CSA (Canadian Standards Association) to CSA Standard B137.1. They have also been approved by CSA for potable (drinking) water under ANSI/NSF 61. The performance tests include both hydrostatic pressure tests and pull out force tests. Please see the following test performance chart.

What temperature can I use HANFLO™ fittings at?
HANFLO™ have tested all its products for use with cold water up to a maximum temperature of 60°C (140°F). We do not recommend the use of these products with temperatures higher than 60°C (140°F) as plastic expands due to temperature increases. HANFLO™ can not guarantee the products will perform when used with temperatures over 60°C (140°F). HANFLO™ products that have failed in temperatures higher then 60°C (140°F) will not be covered by warranty.