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Why use a HANFLO™ Strain Relief Union?

The HANFLO™ Union allows for easy disconnect and reconnection of equipment. Water pumps, pressure tanks, pipelines and other products can be easily removed and easily reinstalled for servicing.

What is unique about a "Strain Relief" Union?
The Union has a 9-degree "knuckle" type ball socket allowing for flexibility within the fitting body, which compensates for slight interface variables when connecting pipes. An example would be the interface between black polyethylene pipe and a water pump. The poly pipe retains some memory (radius) from the warm manufacturing process as it is coiled. The strain relief union compensates for this pipe radius as it is connected to the pump.
What types of pipe can the HANFLO™ Strain Relief Union connect to?
The threaded end component of the union interfaces with any metal or plastic pipe or fitting with NPT (National Pipe Threads). The poly end component of the union is specific to interface with CSA grade 75 PSI or CSA grade 100 PSI polyethylene.
Can the Strain Relief Union be used on suction lines?
Yes, the HANFLO™ Strain Relief Union can be used on pressure and suction lines. Like all Hanflo products the Strain Relief Union is constructed of glass fibre reinforced nylon, for both strength and durability.
Can the Strain Relief Union be re-used?
Yes, the union fitting is designed for this purpose and can be connected and re-connected time after time.
Should I seal the threads?
You may use a thread sealant or Teflon tape when threading any of our HANFLO™ fittings.
Is the Strain Relief Union compatible with all of the HANFLO™ range of threaded fittings?
Yes, the entire range of HANFLO™ fittings are compatible with the Strain Relief Union and the close tolerance NPT threads (National Pipe Thread) will ensure a positive and reliable fit.
How do I know which Strain Relief Union I need, poly or threaded?
The threaded union is generally used to provide a quick disconnect at the pump or anywhere a threaded fitting is used. The poly union provides quick disconnect where there are two poly pipes interface, for example at the water’s edge to remove and reinstall water lines for the season.
How do I size the Strain Relief Union to suit my application?
The threaded Strain Relief Union may be sized based on the existing pipe NPT threads (National Pipe Thread) you’re connecting to. The poly Strain Relief Union may be sized based on the existing polyethylene pipe you are connecting to. The poly union is specific to CSA 75 PSI and CSA 100 PSI pipe.
What temperature can I use HANFLO™ fittings at?
HANFLO™ have tested all its products for use with cold water up to a maximum temperature of 60°C (140°F). We do not recommend the use of these products with temperatures higher than 60°C (140°F) as plastic expands due to temperature increases. HANFLO™ can not guarantee the products will perform when used with temperatures over 60°C (140°F). HANFLO™ products that have failed in temperatures higher then 60°C (140°F) will not be covered by warranty.