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Foot Valve
Check Valve
HANFLO™ Valves are high performance, very reliable and easy to use products. They will not corrode and they are very strong, and durable because they are not just plastic, they are fibre re-enforced nylon.

The HANFLO™ Foot Valve does not restrict inflow and will allow the pump to work at its maximum performance based on pipe size and friction loss. Pump performance and priming can be strongly enhanced. HANFLO™ Foot Valves are highly engineered to maintain prime in the suction (intake) line, while providing unrestricted inflow when the pump calls for water. Where other valves can restrict inflow by more than 1/3, the HANFLO™ Foot Valve allows unobstructed, full flow to the pump enhancing pump performance.

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The HANFLO™ Check Valve is easy to install and service if necessary. A pressure system can be easily primed by simply removing the cap on the valve and pouring the water into the system. HANFLO™ Check Valves are highly engineered to use in-line as a non-return valve to stop fluids from flowing back through the system. The HANFLO™ Check Valves non-corrosive design allows for easy removal of the cap for priming of the system where required.

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