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Zebra Mussel proliferation is an increasing problem in the fouling of Cottage water systems.

A solution has emerged as a result of customer requests.

In 2003 HANFLO™ designed a Foot Valve Filter Sock to compliment the HANFLO™ Foot Valve range.

The HANFLO™ Foot Valve Filter Sock is composed of a 100 micron polyester mesh designed to prevent clogging of the Foot Valve from silt, sand and other organic matter.

The HANFLO™ Foot Valve Filter Sock is attached to the valve by a drawstring and hangs loosely around the valve.

It is self cleaning due to the water flow movement through the valve created by the pump action.

Over fifteen cottage seasons the HANFLO™ Foot Valve Filter Sock has been in the market, feedback has been received that it is also helps prevent fouling of cottage water systems by Zebra Mussels.

We were able to find the filter socks in Orillia's Home Depot. As to the Zebra Mussels...using the filters over our cottage foot intake valve appears to have prevented any damage to our pump.  When we removed our water line this fall, the foot valve was clean. Your inexpensive sock seems to achieve the same as other devices used by fellow cottagers with expensive filters upwards to $200/300.
Regards Ruth N.

October 16 2005


The 100 micron mesh size of the HANFLO™ Filter Sock hanging loosely around the HANFLO™ Foot Valve and being able to move with the flow of the pump and water currents of the lakes helps prevent Zebra Mussels from settling.

The fouling stage begins when the Zebra Mussel is in the settled plantigrade form.

The size of the Zebra Mussel at this stage is 158 – 500 microns*

The 100 micron mesh size of the HANFLO™ Filter Sock hanging loosely around the HANFLO™ Foot Valve and being able to move with the flow of the pump and water currents of the lakes helps prevent Zebra Mussels from settling.
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Background to Zebra Mussels

Zebra Mussels were first discovered in Lake St Clair in 1988.

Zebra Mussels have now invaded all of the Great Lakes and over 50 Ontario lakes and rivers within the Great Lakes drainage basin.The impact of Zebra Mussels on Cottage water systems is to plug Foot Valves and have been known to locate and grow inside the actual water systems including pumps, creating odour, taste and system failures.The life cycle of Zebra Mussels start as an egg moving onto larvae, developing to plantigrade larvae before becoming a juvenile mussel and finally an adult mussel.The biofouling stage begins with the settled plantigrade form which attaches to solid surfaces in the lakes by laying down a foot.*

Other issues are the change in the eco system food chain due to the very rapid growth and reproduction of Zebra Mussels.

While our initial concern is to provide protection to cottage water system we have a concern for the much wider issue relating to the reduction or elimination of the Zebra Mussel and its broader environmental impact.

The HANFLO Filter Sock may not completely eliminate the minute Zebra Mussel eggs entering your Cottage Water System.

However it is an issue we are currently developing a solution for.

We welcome any feedback on how we may be able to help further with this problem or how use of any HANFLO™ products has affected your Cottage Water System...

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* Reference: Zebra Mussel Biofouling Control in Cottage and Other Small Volume Water Systems commissioned by the Georgian Bay Association 1999.


The information in this article is given in good faith and is believed to be true and correct at the time of publication. We exercised all due care to provide accurate, complete and timely information. However, we accept no liability for errors or omissions.
We have made every effort to explain the benefits, and the limitations, of the HANFLO™ foot valve filter sock as clearly and completely as possible. However, any person familiar with the problem will know that Zebra Mussels are a very opportunistic pest, which has thus far eluded efforts to eradicate. To date, no one has devised a perfect solution to the problem nor do we represent that we have done so.
Any statements concerning the likely benefits of the HANFLO™ foot valve filter sock were made in good faith. However, such statements do not constitute a warranty or representation that you will obtain the same benefits. We accept no liability for your failure to obtain such benefits nor for your damages as a consequence thereof.